Detailed Explanation of Sinotruk HOWO-7 Dump Truck

1 2022-04-15

HOWO-7 series dump truck, also as muck truck, has a 5.8m U-shaped cargo compartment, with the outstanding features of environmental protection and safe transportation.
▎Fluorescent green is extraordinarily fresh:

The color of the truck is bright fluorescent green color, which makes itself a beautiful landscape when driving in the city.
Although the appearance of HOWO-7 series models has been born for 10 years, the classic design and high cost performance give this model a unique advantage that is enduring.
The new integrated reflector and stepped air intake grille are very practical, and the integrated headlights can effectively improve the safe driving at night, and the built-in fog lights below it are also very practical.
There is a U-shaped wrap-around bumper under the bumper. This configuration is only 40mm above the ground, which further improves the safety of the truck on road conditions of urban and construction site .
In addition to the standard flat-top cab, this model can also be equipped with a day cab according to actual needs. The black wheel corners have yellow turn warning lights, which also play a better role in showing the width. Two-layer pedal adopts a semi-sealed design, which reduces the amount of stains that are brought into the room during the process of getting on and off the truck on the site.

▎MAN engine is efficient and reliable:
After Sinotruk stopped the production of D10 and D12 series engines, the HOWO-7 series models used MAN Technology MC11 series engines as standard equipment.
This HOWO-7 series model is equipped with the MC11 series engine with a power of 400 horsepower, and its maximum torque can reach 1900N.m, which fully meets the power needs of such standard urban logistics and transportation models.
The 8x4 model with the optional 8.2m cargo box can also be equipped with the MC11 series engine with a maximum power of 440 horsepower. Environmental protection and high efficiency are synonymous with this series of models.
Truck drivers are familiar with the transmission. The HW19721CL series transmission has very high reliability, and with the development of the times, this configuration has extremely high practicability.
▎Compact chassis layout has obvious advantages:
The truck is equipped with radial wire tires with a size of 12.00R20 as standard, and the air filter is arranged at the side of the cab, which is convenient for the driver to maintain later.
The front dual-steering axle adopts a single-sided 9-leaf spring parabolic steel plate suspension, which has outstanding advantages in reliable bearing capacity, and also has a Fleetguard diesel filter cup on the side to ensure that the engine fuel is more efficient and stable.
HOWO-7 dump truck

There is an aluminum alloy fuel tank with a volume of 200L on the side of the chassis, which shows the transportation advantages. The outer side is equipped with a highly reliable two-color hard metal guardrail to improve the reliability under various working conditions.
This truck adopts a short wheelbase layout, so that the battery, aluminum alloy gas storage tank and urea tank are all designed with high reliability and stability. In addition to the hard metal guardrail on the outside, there are also two large square turn signal.
This truck is equipped with AC16 series heavy-duty wheel-side reduction axle. The main reduction ratio of this axle is 5.45. According to the calculator, when the economic speed of the vehicle is 1200rpm, the driving speed is 51.4km/ h.
The AC16 axle adopts a 12-leaf spring steel plate suspension with more reliable bearing capacity, and is controlled by a double riding card with better stability. This configuration has better performance of stability than the single riding card used in the current logistics and transportation tractor. However, during long-term non-pavement and other complex road driving, regular re-tightening is required to ensure reliability advantages.
This truck adopts a highly reliable 3-layer skeleton design to further improve the reliability and stability of the vehicle, and the connection position between the cargo box and the skeleton also adopts a two-way weighted and stable design.
The rear of the truck also has an anti-drilling guard bar, which has a very high reliability advantage. The triangular design of the bracket improves the actual buffering and stability, and the comprehensive practicability is outstanding.
▎U-shaped cargo box is reliable and stable:
HOWO-7 dump truck

The truck uses a U-shaped cargo box, which is lighter in weight, more efficient in unloading and more stable in driving than the previous straight-edged cargo box.
This U-shaped cargo box with a length of 5.8m has a space for a push-pull shield on the front and upper part, and the cargo box has two sides for easy maintenance of the vehicle, and a simple ladder on the side for the driver to get on and off the vehicle. Overall, this truck has reached very high usage requirements in actual reliability.
In addition to many safe places, the four-way image monitoring, satellite navigation and other safety monitoring equipment that must be used in the muck vehicle are also a necessary guarantee for the overall safety of the vehicle.
The short wheelbase design of the HOWO-7 series dump trucks plays a very important role in the development of current logistics and transportation, and this truck has very good passing performance in urban congested areas and narrow road conditions. In addition, the design of the small-sized cargo box further improves the driving reliability and stability of the vehicle, and largely eliminates the occurrence of hidden dangers of overloading.

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