Adding and Replacing The Hydraulic Oil of The Dump Truck

1Parker 2021-09-08

 Zhengzhou Talenet Tech Co., Ltd. sells second-hand dump trucks all year round, and has rich experience in maintenance and modification and sales. Below, Zhengzhou Talenet Tech Co., Ltd. will bring you a new phase of dump truck knowledge-the addition of hydraulic oil for dump trucks replace:

  The dump truck is mainly composed of a chassis, a hydraulic dumping mechanism, a carriage, a sub-frame and accessories. Among them: hydraulic dumping mechanism includes gear pump, lifting valve, pipeline, lifting mechanism, limit mechanism, etc. The carriage includes front plate, side plate, bottom plate, tailgate and tailgate switching mechanism (van type), auxiliary car The frame is welded by the longitudinal beam, the cross beam, the lifting shaft and the connecting device with the main frame. The accessories include safety struts, limit devices and balance brackets.

 If the amount of oil is insufficient, the carriage cannot be lifted to the maximum angle, and unstable phenomena such as jitter will occur during the lifting process; hydraulic components are precision parts, and the hydraulic oil in the system should be checked frequently. If it is not clean, it will reduce the service life of hydraulic components.

  1. Adding hydraulic oil (fuel tank refueling and oil level check)

  When the hydraulic lift cylinder is fully extended, the oil level in the fuel tank should not be lower than the upper surface of the filter element or 120mm from the bottom surface of the fuel tank. Do not remove the oil filter of the fuel tank when refueling. When the car is not lifted, the oil level is not high. It should be too high, otherwise the oil will overflow when the carriage is lowered, but it should not be lower than the upper surface of the filter element.Because the oil level is too low, there will be no oil in the fuel tank when the lifting cylinder is not fully extended, making the cargo compartment unable to lift. , The oil pump produces air suction.

  Warning: If the hydraulic oil tank is under the carriage, the support rod should be assisted by an assistant to ensure safety during the entire refueling process.

  2. Replacement of hydraulic oil

  After the first lift is about 1500 times, it will be replaced at any time after the oil is dirty or aging (it is recommended to change after 5000 lifts). In addition, the oil filter should be cleaned or replaced before the arrival of each winter. In the cold winter in the north, the hydraulic oil should be replaced with low temperature hydraulic oil such as 4607, 4601, synthetic hydraulic oil, etc. before use.

  3. Hydraulic oil for hydraulic system

  According to different ambient temperatures, different brands of hydraulic oil should be used. When the temperature is low, hydraulic oil with low viscosity should be used, and when the temperature is high, hydraulic oil with high viscosity should be used. The hydraulic oil can also be replaced by No. 10 aviation hydraulic oil or No. 46 hydraulic oil, but it must not be replaced by diesel oil or any other acid oil.

  Hydraulic oil consumption: Generally speaking, the oil for single-stage single-acting hydraulic cylinders is about 25-40L, and the oil for multi-stage hydraulic cylinders is about 50-80L.

  The above is the addition and replacement of the hydraulic oil of the dump truck. Zhengzhou Talenet Tech Co., Ltd. welcomes your purchase.

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