Inventory of AMT c of Heavy Truck in China

1 2022-05-30

Heavy trucks should be the first to popularize AMT in commercial vehicles. In terms of AMT gearbox brands carried by heavy trucks, it can be roughly divided into four parts, imported gearboxes, ZF domestic gearboxes, Fast, and independent gearboxes of various brands. Today I will introduce to you the current situation of these gearbox brands in China, so that it’s clear for you to buy Chinese trucks.

● The imported AMT market is no longer available, and domestic gearboxes have become the first choice for truck companies
Imported AMT gearboxes were the main choice for AMT heavy trucks in the early years in China, but in recent years, the number of imported AMT gearboxes has begun to decrease due to price and supporting disadvantages. In terms of imported AMT gearboxes, the ZF brand also occupies the majority.
● ZF AMT gearbox began to be made in China, and sales soared due to its technological advantages
With the completion and operation of the joint venture factory of ZF and FOTON, with the advantages of technology, sales have increased significantly in recent years, and the number of suitable brands has increased day by day.
On April 18, 2019, the launch ceremony of the joint venture factory between ZF and FOTON was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. ZF TraXon 12-speed automatic transmission began to be produced in China.
The TraXon twelve-speed automatic transmission is the latest modular automatic transmission (AMT) product launched by ZF in 2014, and it is also a flagship product of ZF in the European and American markets.
FOTON AMT heavy-duty truck has achieved remarkable results. AUMAN GTL, EST and other models can be equipped with the latest ZF AMT gearbox.
Benefiting from the cooperation with ZF, FOTON has made frequent moves in the field of AMT heavy trucks. At present, many heavy trucks in the FOTON system have AMT models and have been put on the market, and the sales are good.
SINOTRUK SITRAK G7H currently also has models with ZF TraXon automatic transmission.
FAW Chenglong T5 long head tractor truck also adopts the domestic ZF automatic transmission.
FAW Chenglong T5 long head tractor truck

Through the previous examples, it is not difficult to find that the ZF automatic transmission made in China has been matched with many heavy trucks of Chinese brands.
We have to admit that technically, ZF automatic transmission has obvious advantages at present. First of all, the shifting mechanism and pipelines of ZF are integrated inside the gearbox, and the appearance is very simple. Second, ZF AMT gearboxes are smaller and lighter. Again, ZF AMT gearbox can match its own hydraulic retarder, which has a higher degree of fit. Finally, ZF automatic transmission has many years of operating experience abroad, with high technology and reliability.
● Fast AMT gearbox, a strong competitor in the industry
Fast can be said to be the most well-known gearbox brand in the heavy truck field in China. Fast has also carried out research on automatic transmissions for many years, and has AMT transmission products such as 12-speed and 16-speed. The models installed include SHACMAN, SINOTRUK and other brands. Judging from the current situation, Fast automatic transmission is closely matched with Weichai.
●FAW AMT gearbox is mainly matched with Xichai engine
As early as 2008, FAW has started the research and development of automatic transmissions, and currently has 9-speed, 10-speed, 12-speed and other types of automatic transmissions.
In terms of main models, this series of AMT gearboxes can be applied to most heavy truck series in the FAW system, such as FAW JH6, J7, J6, etc. In terms of shifting devices, some are set like a manual transmission gear lever, and some are set in a knob way.
SINOTRUK automatic transmission mainly matches the MC series engine, which was also developed more than ten years ago, and currently has 10-speed, 12-speed, 16-speed and other series products. In terms of matching models, SINOTRUK C7 and T7 are currently mainly supplied.
Thanks to the cooperation with Volvo, DFAC has already launched DFAC 14-speed gearbox. On the basis of this gearbox, DFAC independently developed the DF14S AMT gearbox.
Above, we divided the AMT brands selected by heavy trucks in China into four parts, imported AMT gearboxes, ZF domestic AMT gearboxes, Fast AMT gearboxes, and truck companies' independent AMT gearboxes. Judging from the current trend, ZF domestic AMT gearbox has obvious advantages.

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