What Are the Classifications of Common Hydraulic Cylinders for Dump Trucks?

1 2022-05-25

Dump trucks have a long history in road transportation. After years of development, people have continuously improved their weaknesses and eventually derived many versions of dump trucks, but the lifting method still adopts the same principle, but the design of the hydraulic cylinders is differentiated into different types to suit various operating conditions and load capacities. Today we will take a look at the classification of the hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck.
▎Front-mounted hydraulic cylinder
Front-mounted hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in dump trucks with large loads.When the dump truck is under the same lifting load, due to the law of the lever principle, the lifting position of the front-mounted hydraulic cylinder is in the front, so it is related to the principle of the labor-saving lever.
From the aspect of bearing capacity, the lifting force of the front-mounted hydraulic cylinder is small, and the impact force on the top seat of the cargo box and the position of the frame base reduces, which can not only bear more weight, but also ensure the stability, so that the truck can be lifted and unloaded in bad road conditions, and the cargo box can also maintain a high lateral rigidity.
As mentioned above, front-mounted hydraulic cylinders are generally assembled only by dump trucks with large carrying capacity. For road transport trucks, their own weight is also particularly important, and the front-mounted hydraulic cylinders is usually heavy. If you pursue lightweight, you can only reduce the side panels and tail panels of the cargo box.
In order to cooperate with the assembly of the front-mounted hydraulic cylinder, the front panel of the cargo box is tightly locked with a thickened iron plate to lock the hydraulic cylinder.  To achieve excellent hydraulic capacity, the load capacity ranges from 25 to 30 tons and above. The common dump trucks like rear eight-wheel or 12 wheels, are more equipped with front-mounted hydraulic cylinders. The most popular SINOTRUK HOWO 371HP dump truck among the dump trucks we sell is the front-mounted hydraulic cylinder.

(2) Mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder
Front-mounted hydraulic cylinders are suitable for heavy-duty trucks, so where are the mid-mounted hydraulic cylinders commonly used? The early coal-pulling single-axle trucks, 8-wheel dump trucks were all equipped with mid-mounted hydraulic cylinders, and their carrying net weight was mostly between 20 and30 tons. The mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder was also divided into double-cylinder and horizontal single-cylinder, here we first introduce the double-cylinder.
In terms of self-weight, center of gravity, and flexibility, the mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder is more suitable for road transport trucks, because when it is assembled on a shorter dump truck, it can effectively reduce the center of gravity of the truck and improve the stability.
Compared with the supporting surface of the front-mounted hydraulic cylinder set at the front of the cargo box, the supporting surface of the mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder is directly set in the front middle of the cargo box. It is found that the further forward the hydraulic cylinder is set, the smaller the force when the cargo box was lifted.
The installation position of the mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder is on the inside of the frame, so its overall weight is distributed on the frame, and the hydraulic cylinder can also be set on the inner side of the frame, making good use of the neutral area of the frame, and the overall weight center of gravity is lowered. It is beneficial to improve the stability of the truck.
Mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder

(3) Horizontal single-cylinder hydraulic cylinder
The horizontal single-cylinder hydraulic cylinder is more similar to the applicable models of the mid-mounted hydraulic cylinder. Its advantages are simple design, practicality, high cost performance, good durability and stability. It is also assembled on engineering dump trucks, of which the net weight of the load is about 15-25 tons.
The reason why it is called a horizontal hydraulic cylinder is that it is "lying" inside the frame when it is contracted. For transport trucks for construction sites and heavy-duty road, the reliability and lifting capacity of the horizontal hydraulic cylinder are relatively excellent. Compared with the mid-mounted double-cylinder, it saves a lot of space, but in terms of weight, the mid-mounted double-cylinder is better. Also due to its own weight, the horizontal hydraulic cylinder was basically replaced by the mid-mounted double-cylinder in the later stage.

(4) Rollover hydraulic cylinder
Due to the length of the carriage, the conventional dump semi trailer needs to be equipped with a hydraulic cylinder of more than 1.7 meters. It is unfavorable for the lateral stability. As long as the cargo box is tilted slightly, if the lift angle is not controlled in time, basically the hydraulic cylinder cannot withstand the lateral tilting force. Along with the cargo box, it fell down.
Therefore, in order to meet the needs of more users, in the transportation fields such as sand, coal, clinker, etc., many transporters are equipped with rollover semi-trailers, while the length of the rollover hydraulic cylinder is much shorter. The overall length is less than half of the central hydraulic double cylinder, and it is installed in a line at the bottom of the cargo box.
Although it looks small in appearance, its bearing capacity is excellent. For some 11.5m, 13m and other long trailers, the rollover hydraulic cylinder is more secure for the rigidity of the cargo box, and at the same time, the tail is equipped with the last move. After unloading, the cargo box can be moved laterally, so that it can be flexibly separated from the stone pile, which can also provide convenience when crossing some narrow roads.

The above are the four common types of hydraulic cylinders for dump trucks. Our hot-selling SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck is also highly recommended here.

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