How to choose a suitable tractor truck

1 2022-04-24

Mainline logistics, building materials and construction machinery transportation are all inseparable from tractor trucks. How to choose a suitable tractor truck to meet economical and efficient requirements needs to consider two major aspects of power transmission system and bearing capacity , and then consider your own functional demands and choose a tractor truck that suits you.
Identify the cargo you transport often
If you know the goods you transport often, you can basically determine whether your truck is often overloaded. For example, the tractor truck that loads building materials or sand and gravel is very likely to be overloaded, so you must consider the heavy-duty version of the tractor truck. The bearing capacity of the tractor truck is affected in three major aspects: frame, suspension and axle, as well as tires, drive shafts, etc., but heavy truck companies will make corresponding matching, so users don't need to worry about these. Because the product versions of each enterprise have different divisions, there is no unified boundary between standard-load version, heavy-duty version, and super-heavy-duty version. However, the standard-load version is roughly below 55 tons, the heavy-duty version ranges from 55 to 70 tons or 65 to 90 tons, and the super-heavy-duty version ranges from 55 to 70 tons or 65 to 90 tons. The range of the version is more than 70 tons or more than 90 tons. The heavy-duty version of the tractor truck generally uses a two-layer beam frame, and the super-heavy version even uses a three-layer beam frame, such as a large tractor truck.
For the suspension, the standard version tractor truck can adopt the front and rear few leaf springs or air suspension so that the weight is light. The heavy-duty version tractor truck can adopt the front and rear multi-leaf springs, and the super-heavy-load version tractor truck needs to choose the reinforced suspension. Correspondingly, for different load tonnages, it is necessary to select the front and rear axles and wheel side reduction axles of the corresponding tonnage.
Due to the different design load tonnage of different versions of tractor trucks, and the heavy-duty version of the truck is heavier than the standard version of the same configuration, so the standard version of the tractor truck does heavy work, which may makes it frequent problems. The heavy-duty version of the tractor truck has poor economy and timeliness.
Know what road you take most often and your usual speed
The highway conditions in the plain area are relatively good, with basically no slopes or few slopes. The common speed of tractor trucks is 80-100Km/h. Therefore, high-horsepower engines and small-speed axles can be considered, which can improve the speed and timeliness. Highways in hilly areas or mountainous areas have more climbing roads, and the speed will be relatively low. Therefore, you can choose a axle with high horsepower and a slightly larger speed ratio. For some highways that road conditions are more complicated and the speed is limited such as 50-70Km/h. The truck needs a certain overload capacity.
How to choose the engine, gearbox and axle, you need to comprehensively consider the road conditions you often drive and the common speed.
In the past two years, the trend of high horsepower of tractor trucks is obvious. For example, SHACMAN x3000 tractor truck 500HP is popular with many drivers. On the one hand, it is the role of enterprise promotion. On the other hand, high horsepower can be adapted to users who have long-distance transportation, wide transportation area and complex road conditions. For dedicated line users and short- and medium-distance transportation users, they should choose a high-horsepower engine according to their own situation.
SHACMAN X3000 tractor truck 500HP

Do you have any special needs
This part can be seen from the two major aspects: the chassis and the cab. For example, the chassis needs to be equipped with daytime running lights, a large fuel tank, a large battery, and front protection to meet convenience, safety or other special needs. The cab mainly reflect comfort, such as the addition of luxury seats, parking sensors, large-screen video systems, independent air conditioning systems, non-standard cab painting colors and cab overprinting. These needs can be based on the user's own requirements and budget, choose your own appropriate function configuration.

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