4 Skills for Buying a Second-Hand Tractor Truck

1 2022-03-30

  Buying a used tractor truck saves a lot of money than buying a new one, but you should pay attention to the quality. Let's talk about some buying skills:

  1.  Check the quality of the tractor truck, mainly check its three major parts, engine, axle and gearbox.

  Observe whether there is any oil leakage of the engine, then start the engine, listen carefully to see if there is any noise. Observe the power value marked on the engine nameplate, and convert it into horsepower to see if it is consistent with the horsepower stated by the dealer. Also carefully check the engine number and frame number referring to the truck registration certificate , and purchase a tractor truck that corresponds to your needs.

  2. Observe the front axle pad to see the load capacity of the truck.

  Observe the wear between the bow plate and the girder of the rear axle of the truck and the wear condition of the "lifting lug", and observe whether there is any oil leakage on the axle. If the judgment of the rear axle is not very accurate, we can observe the rubber pads between the bow sub-plate and the girder of the front axle, and judge the bearing capacity of the car by looking at the wear conditions here.

  3. Judge whether there has been an accident by checking both ends of the beam.

  Observe the appearance of the truck to see if the paint color is consistent and whether the connections are even, such as the connection around the headlights, etc. You can also observe the welding seam at the welding point of the truck. If the welding is uneven or just spot welding, it can be inferred that the truck may have had an accident.

  Check to see if the glass in the cab is the original glass. If there are more than two pieces of non-original glass, then the truck is likely to have had a major accident. Check the bottom of the truck and carefully observe the front and rear ends of the girder to judge whether the truck has had a major accident, or flip the cab and observe the girder and beam on the front side of the engine. If it is a truck with a serious rear-end collision, the damage to the front end of the frame and the cab will be more serious. Even if the repair is "perfect", if you look carefully here, you will always find clues.

  4. Test drive.

  If we can't judge the performance of the used tractor truck only by observation, we can test drive to judge whether the performance in all aspects is intact.

  Determine the quality and performance of the truck, and if it meets your requirements, you can buy it. When buying a second-hand tractor truck, you must pay attention to the details in all aspects, and you’d better not be greedy for cheap. For more details, please visit the company website

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