How to Choose Dump Truck According to Different Use and Working Conditions?

1 2022-03-18

  Spring is a good season to begin everything and also a time when a lot of people plan to buy a new truck to start their own work and make money. So how to choose a sump truck?

  First, if you work in mine place, you can choose the dump truck with engine at 290-420HP(Euro 4 HOWO Dump Truck 400HP). A short wheelbase can improve the frame strength and vehicle passability. For the gearbox, the 9-speed transmission has a large input torque. For drive axle, drive axle for mine requires doublespeedreducer, differential lock and differential. For the tyre, we recommend 12.00R20. In order to carry large stones, the back door for dumping garbage can be removed. The thickness of steel can be 12mm at the bottom and 10mm at the side and back to meet the mining requirements. For the self-unloading system, you can choose middle top or front top. Usually the length of the dumping body is 4800-5600mm.

  Second, if you buy a dump truck for construction, you can choose a 336HP or 380HP engine(Euro 5 HOWO Dump Truck 380HP), which is the best choice. Choosing 6x4 or 8X4 drives depends on the load capacity. A 10 - or 12-speed gearbox is better. Double reduction bridge makes the speed ratio range from 4.42 to 5.73. The length of a 6x4 dump truck is usually 5600-6000mm; the length of an 8X4 dump truck is from 6200-8500mm.

  Last but not least, for transportation distances over 200km, the drive axle can be selected with speed ratios of 4.42 or 4.8, preferably with 8X4 to load more cargo. The gearbox is available in 10 or 12 gears. The length of large case is 6200 to 8500mm.

  Now, do you have a better choice in your heart? If so, you can click the website ( have a look.

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