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FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck
$2?599 $26530
Expert rating: 8.8 /10
FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck  1 FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck  2 FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck  3 FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck  4

FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck

Year : 2019

Mileages : 36000KM

Emission Standards : Euro2

Horsepower : 375HP


1 Year after sale Technical Consultation

The FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck is a powerful and reliable heavy-duty truck designed for efficient transportation of large loads. With its robust construction and advanced features, this dump truck is built to tackle demanding construction and mining projects with ease.

At the heart of this truck's performance is its impressive 30-ton payload capacity. It is capable of carrying a substantial amount of materials, such as gravel, sand, or rubble, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications. The truck features 12 high-quality tires, providing excellent traction and stability on various terrains, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments.

Equipped with a powerful engine, the FAW Sino Dump truck delivers exceptional horsepower and torque, enabling it to handle steep inclines and rough terrains effortlessly. The engine is designed for fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs while maintaining superior performance. The truck also incorporates advanced suspension systems that enhance ride comfort and stability, minimizing driver fatigue during long hours of operation.

The design of the FAW Sino Dump truck emphasizes durability and longevity. The truck's body is constructed from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring prolonged service life even under heavy usage. The dump bed is designed for efficient unloading, equipped with hydraulic systems that enable quick and precise tipping of loads, maximizing productivity on the job site.

Safety is a top priority in the FAW Sino Dump truck. It is equipped with advanced braking systems and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) technology, providing optimal control and stability during braking. The cabin is ergonomically designed with driver comfort in mind, featuring a spacious and well-appointed interior that reduces driver fatigue and enhances overall productivity.

Overall, the FAW Sino High Quality 12Tires 30Tons Dump truck is a reliable and robust truck designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty transportation. Its impressive payload capacity, powerful engine, and durable construction make it an excellent choice for construction, mining, and other heavy industries where performance and reliability are paramount.
Basic information
After testing
inspection report
Truck TypeUsed Dump Truck
Truck BrandFAW
Driving Mode8×4
Emission StandardsEuro2
Drive Side TypeLeft
Cargo Compartment Size
Tire Specifications11.00R20
pro-banner 8.8

After testing

1. The lighting system is normal;

2. The interior is tidy;

3. A personal first-hand truck;

4. The electronic system is normal;

5. The overall truck / car is in good condition;

6. The engine and gearbox work conditions are normal, idling speed is regular, there is no jitter, and the steering is flexible;

7. The original paint of the truck has a few defects and a few changes in appearance.

accidents1 No major accidents

Accident investigation
Check whether the truck has been burnt 5 Items
Check if the truck is soaked in water 12 Items
Energy consumption and wearing parts 23 Items
Check if there has been an accident 17 Items
Check for minor collisions 12 Items

accidents2 No major accidents

Function test
Check the internal configuration 15 Items
Check the drive system 9 Items
Check the lighting system 8 Items
Check the security system 12 Items
Check truck / car tools 4 Items

accidents3 No major accidents

Exterior interior inspection
Check the interior 2 Items
Check appearance 23 Items
Check truck / car start 4 Items

The above is a preliminary inspection of the condition of the truck / car. In-depth re-inspection will be arranged before the transfer. The condition of the truck / car is subject to re-inspection.

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I want the most eye-catching truck CONTACT ME

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